Markus Engelberger - Founder & Chief of the Creative Tribe

"We are a One-Stop Shop for creativity, creative solutions and services!"

How do we create value for you?


1.       We Inspire and enable creativity!


2.       We deliver creative solutions!


3.       We help your project, organization or businesses kick ass!


Organizations we recently created value for:

What we do:


Creative Tribe is  a unique network of leading creativity- and entrepreneurship-experts that helps you to:

  • ... solve your biggest problem in creative, surprising, efficient and sustainable way (Interested? Tell us more about your present challenge!)
  • ... tell your story in a convincing and memorable way (Story Telling, Visualization & Pitching)
  • ... communicate your content and message in a way people simply "get" (Infographics and Explanation Videos)
  • ... increase the value of your meeting or event through visual services that support your goals (Graphic Recording)
  • ... support sustainable learning and development-processes (Design Thinking, Visual Facilitation)
  • ... spark creativity and collaboration in your team or organization (Creativity Workshops & Creative Teambuilding)
  • ... discover and unleash your true creative potential (Inspirational Key-Notes and Workshops)
  • ... harness the power of visuals for your everyday work-life (Trainings)
  • ... increase efficiency, satisfaction and fun as a leader or team (Visual Coaching & Visual Supervision)
  • ...engage people
  • ... learn to think and to act like a Start-Up (We train your colleagues and employees in achieving and applying an entrepreneurial Mind-, Skill- and Tool-Set)
  • ... boost your sales numbers by providing you with the right knowledge and tools to do so (Visual Selling)

"We inspire, enable and support creativity!"

How we support you:


Creative Tribe offers you state-of-the-art solutions in Creativity, Visualization, Communication & Entrepreneurship


You want to be more creative?


We offer:


+ Idea Development (We know how to get your creative fluids going!)

+ Creative Teambuilding (A good idea needs a strong team! Unleash your true potential as a team and have fun together!)

+ Conflict Resolution (Conflicts of all kind will prevent creativity. Let´s use the existing energy in an effecient way!)

+ Entertaining Key-Notes (We love to inspire others! Let us encourage your audience to unfold their creative potential!)

+ Creativity Workshops (Welove to enable others! Add Visualisation, Story Telling and many other tools to your box!)

+ Innovative Culture (Culture eats strategy for breakfast, operational excellence for lunch and everything else for dinner.)


You want to harness the power of visuals?


We offer:


+ Graphic Recording (We help you to increase value of your meeting or event through adding visualisation!)

+ Visual Facilitation (Visually enriched Process Facilitation inspiring and enabling Participation, Strategy & Innovation)

+ Illustration (A picture says more than a thousand words! We create emotions and solutions through Illustration)

+ Infographics (We combine words and pictures to bring knowledge across and make your message stick!)

+ Explanation Videos (Moving pictures and thought-through storie-lines make complex content easy to grasp!)


You want to communicate effectively?


We offer:


+ Story Telling (People love stories and pictures. Let us help you make your stakeholders love you!)

Content Writing (You have an important message to bring across, but don´t find the right words? Let us help you!)

+ Illustration (Sometimes, actually often, a picture says more than a thousand words!)

+ Infographics (Why not combine words and pictures to make your message stick!?)

+ Explanation Videos (Moving pictures and well chosen words make even complex content easy to grasp!)

+ Pitching (Life´s a pitch! You have to convince customers, partners, donors, ... We help you to do so!)


You want to develop a kick-ass business?


We offer:


+ Design Thinking (You want to deliver solutions the world actually needs and take you business to the next level? We help you to crack that challenge!)

+ Entrepreneurship Consulting (We know how to build a sustainably working business from scratch and help you to do so!)

+ Intrapreneurship Consulting (We teach you a "Best Of" of Start-Up methods and support you in implementing them!)

+ Branding Yourself (Do you offer something unique or do you offer something uniquely? We help you stand out!)

+ Brand Management (Everybody has a brand! Will you manage yours? If yes, we can help you!)

+ Logo Design (Your Logo is the signature of your business! Do you want it to be representative, unique and responsive?)

What do we do differently?


Well, besides our unique blend of personalities, backgrounds and skill-sets that we use to co-create the best suitable solutions for you, we also love to play "Robin Hood".


Through collaborating with us and booking services and solutions with us, you directly support projects that have proven to create positive social and ecological impact.


The best part is that you do good without having additional costs!

Find out more about how that works on our Creative Tribe Fund page.


Check out these head-teachers in Uganda, who fight for a better, fair education system in their region.

They are a good example for a project we supported.

"Impact never happens alone! That is why we act as a community."

Every expert of our network is a successful creative entrepreneur and service provider.

Of course you could work with each of us individually.

But why would you do that, if we all know that the real creative magic happens, if people with different skillsets (yet the same mindset) join their forces (in this case for your project)?


Offering services to you as a community, allows us to come up with truely unique and tailor-made solutions for your special situation.

It also is way more comfortable for you, collaborating with a One-Stop Shop (instead of various different providers), offering you all the solutions and services you need, if you want to spark creativity, drive innovation, support efficiency and boost your sales!


One amazing thing:

Collaborating with the Creative Tribe Network doesn´t create you any more costs and additionally supports socially and ecologically impactful organizations!


This is, what we call a win - win - win situation!

"Education is crucial and sharing is caring!"

We are highly qualified individuals, who had the privilige to learn from the best of the best.

When we talk about creativity or we carry out creative, impactful projects, we always point out the fact that creativity requires education.


As talking is silver and action is gold, we walk the talk:

As a network of people who care about a better today and tomorrow, we decided to make accessible our experience and skills to underprivileged groups.

We focus especially on the groups of underprivileged kids, kids with special needs and Refugees.


Why did we choose those target groups?

We believe that supporting those groups in figuring out what their true creative potential is and showing them ways of how they can unfold it and empower themto shape their own future, has direct positive effects on tomorrows society.


In addition to that, we offer free educational material, free courses and free creativity labs for members of the Creative Tribe.

Are you a member alredy? All our partners and customers are!

You can easily become one by collaborating with us and join this impactful community!


You want to discuss your project?

Contact us!