We are your partner for              Creativity in Business

Creative Tribe is your partner for Creativity in Business

Creativity always was and always will be the most powerful mindset, skill and tool of human beings in times of Change.


Creative Tribe facilitates, catalyzes, assists, co-creates and accelerates positive Change for organizations in all industries and sectors.


Our thought-leaders, consultants, facilitators, coaches and trainers use visual aids and tools in addition to many other ground-breaking, impactful methodologies.


Our hand-selected collective consists of the world´s leading and most experienced service providers in Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation, Visual Communication, Dialogic OD, Agile Leadership, Design Thinking, Innovation Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship and New Work.


Our contemporary, interdisciplinary approach and our strict self-imposed quality guidelines guarantee an amazing, efficient and uncomplicated experience as well as high quality results for you.


Because the odds of realizing your project-related dreams can be dramatically increased by engaging the best possible fit for assistence in overcoming your challenge and realizing your goals, we will first explore and understand your needs and then match you with the perfect partner(s) for your endeavour.


 The Creativity Dojo is our physical and virtual training space in which you can explore, experience, integrate and deepen your skills as an Innovator, Social Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Agile Leader, Enabler of meaningful dialogues, Design Thinker, Visual Thinker, Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator, Generative Scribe, Visual Coach, Visual Consultant, Sketchnoter and Creative Flipchart Designer.

Markus Engelberger as Key-Note Speaker and Graphic Recorder at the 2018 World Knowledge Forum in Seoul:

"Welcome to Europe´s leading network of Visual Catalysts and Creativity Experts serving purpose-driven organizations"


Markus Engelberger - Founder & Chief of the Creative Tribe

We love to keep things lean and simple.

In a nutshell, this is the value we can create for you:

1.       We Inspire and enable creativity!


2.       We deliver creative services and solutions!


3.       We assist and co-create profound societal change!

The human brain is a Visual Thinking powerhouse.

As Visual Catalysts we harness that potential to its fullest.

In our work as Visual Catalysts, we use that often unharnessed potential to trigger new perspectices, thoughts and ideas.


Meaningful thoughts are then often followed by meaningful dialogues and targeted, impactful (inter)action.


Pictures, Metaphors and Stories are the most powerful tools any leader can use.

They help recipients understand, communicate and remember.

  • Graphic Recording in Meetings
  • Graphic Recording at Congresses and Events
  • Graphic Recording in Innovation-, Change- and Transformation- Processes
  • Visual Facilitation of Meetings
  • Visual Facilitation at Congresses and Events
  • Visual Facilitation of Innovation-, Change- and Transformation- Processes
  • Design of Visual Communication Materials (Explanation Videos, Infographics & More)
  • Workshops, Labs, Training Courses
  • Entertaining and informative Key-Notes

Some of the organizations that we´ve recently assisted with

creative services and solutions:

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A picture is worth a thousand words

We introduce you to these head-teachers in Uganda, who fight for a better, fair education system in their region.

They are a good example for a project we´ve supported.