Who we are:


Networkpartners, Businesspartners and other friends see us as business rebels who want to unfuck the system.

They might have a point there.



What is undisputable, is the fact that we are a unique network of Europes finest creative entrepreneurs and leaders who join forces to realize positive impact.


What dedicate our life-time to:


Supporting positive impact, collaborating on systemic change as well as encouraging and enabling others to do likewise.

What we believe in:


Simplicity, creativity and shared responsibility as Earth´s citizens.

Why we collaborate:


Together we´re simply more powerful and we can offer our customers seamless solutions in many senses.

The three most compelling arguments to work with us, are:



1)      As a creative powerhouse we offer you holistic support in your journey towards positive change and transformation.


2)      Uniting some of Europes leading creativity experts with diverse backgrounds, skills and experience, we are able to connect you to the right match for overcoming your biggest challenge.


3)      In addition to that, your expenses are reduced to a minimum working with a One-Stop Shop. In other words, you are saving time and money, compared to working with various different service providers

How we understand and live creativity:


What unites us in our diversity, is the ability to use methodologies that support (co-)creative processes and tools as well as techniques that enable one to come up with unusual, out-of-the-box ideas and solutions for a given topic or situation.


As having an idea is worth nothing without the implementation, we also happen to have the experts for translating ideas into actions and rolling out your tailor-made, innovative strategy.

Why are we seen as business rebels?


Because we like to give a FUCK.

What does FUCK mean:


Financial support


Unique network


Creative tools, services and solutions


Knowledge and Experience.

Why we give a FUCK:


We care about planet Earth, about our fellow earth citizens and about future generations.


We are not purely altruistic, we mostly give a FUCK out of pure egoism.


Like any other human being, we care about, what we care about.


We care about ourselves, our friends and family. We care about a good future for the generations to come. The only difference is that we think systemically and through the job we do on a daily basis, see the bigger picture.


The Digital Age and the upcoming 4th industrial revolution challenge us not only as individuals or companies. Those developments plus the condition of our home planet, call for us as a global community.


In a nutshell one can say, we are facing an age in which we must collaboratively re-think and re-shape society as well as the way we create and exchange value for and with each other, if we care about our own children and grandchildren.


As only actions change things, we decided to actively unfuck business.

How we unfuck business:


We live our vision in three ways:


1)      We are only doing business in a responsible, fair and sustainable way for all parties concerned.


2)      We are supporting others in overcoming their challenges, re-thinking and transforming their existing business or organization.


3)      We inspire and enable others to become the change they want to see in the world and create physical and digital platforms where ideas can have sex.


If our children and grandchildren confront us with the question: “What did I do to leave behind a planet worth living?”, we know the answer.


And what about you?

Who we give our FUCKs to?


The F – part is exclusively available for organizations that prove they solve societal and ecological issues in an effective and sustainable way. We are speaking of Social Businesses, NGOs and Non-for profits that lack the financial resources to engage our experts. As a community we put aside capital with which we can support distinguished partners in becoming even more efficient and effective in the impact mission they pursue.


Other than that, our Unique network, Creative tools, services and solutions as well as the collective Knowledge of Creative Tribe are available to everybody working on Innovation, Transformation and Leadership.



Innovation, Transformation and Leadership happen often in a space of conflicting priorities.


Life is about balance. As creatives and systems thinkers, we work on our own mastery in ambidexterity.


Also our collaboration with you will always include strategies, interventions and solutions that help to nurture balance.


To inspire you around some possible imbalances in your organization, we list 13 classic pairs:


1)      Innovation and Preservation


2)      Speed and Slowness


3)      Investment and Return


4)      Freedom and Security


5)      Individuals and the Collective


6)      Acting and Reflecting


7)      Learning and Teaching


8)      Planning and Execution


9)      Digital and Analogue


10)   Focus and Relaxation


11)   Inner work and outer structure


12)   Egosystem and Ecosystem


13)   Boldness and Prudence


 Did you find anything that speaks to you?

We are happy to support you in your endeavour.


After having made sure to listen carefully and understand your challenge, we will match you with the right creative expert for your case.