We support positively impactful projects

Through collaboration with the Creative Tribe you support socially impactful projects:


The Creative Tribe is an innovative, vibrant community, developing tailormade creative services and solutions.

In everything we do, we act responsibly and sustainably.


There are many projects out there doing amazing things and creating positive social or ecological impact.

Most of them are not equally financially powerful as strictly business-oriented corporates.


We help especially these projects, organizations and businesses kick ass!


Every service or solution booked with us, means money that goes into the Creative Tribe Fund.

This fund is being used to support and enable socially and ecologically impactful projects that act sustainably and measure their impact, in becoming even more effective and successful.


Collaborating with us means that you directly support these projects.

The best part of it: It doesn´t create you any additional costs!


Optionally, you can allocate additional ressources to specific projects you want to support.


Thanks to your help, we were able to support these amazing projects and organizations in 2017:

Our partners and customers are our friends.

We want them to be most successful and impactful.That is why they are also visible here.

We hope you are interested in their impactful activities and connecting with them.


Austrian Start Ups: A community of awesome people promoting and supporting Start-Ups in Austria -



CARamel: Ecological sustainable and innovative car cleaning that creates jobs for Refugees and thus actively supports integration -



Caritas Austria: Identifying and tackeling societal needs since 1900 -





FIBL: Research Institute for biological farming -


Impact HUB: A unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs -

Razlivaliste: Promoting Social Entrepreneurship among youth in Serbia -


Routes (formerly Route 28): Enabling people to experience Europe in their city. Awarded with Staatspreis & Bürgerpreis of the European Union 2017 -


Salzburg Research: Independent Research Institute on IT and Innovation -


ReSPA: The Regional School of Public Administration is boosting regional cooperation in its fieldin the Western Balkans -

Social Impact Award: The worlds largest network and community inspiring students to make a difference and start impactful projects -

Teach for Austria: Supporting equality in education and inspiring young people to unfold their creative potential -


WisR: Fostering intergenerational exchange and supporting society growing wis(e)r together -

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